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Tree Pruning Service
Tree Pruning is essential to the health of your trees. Limbs frequently get damaged by windstorms and this damage is an open door for disease and insects to attack your otherwise healthy tree. We can quickly and inexpensively mitigate this damage restoring health and vigor to your canopy. Sometimes it just makes sense to prune back trees that have become too big and bushy for the space or to trim off the lower branches to let in more light. Bottom Dollar Tree Service is happy to take a look at your job and provide a free estimate that will meet your needs and your budget.

Frequently Asked Questions
I've got an acre of trees that are out of control. Would it be possible to do some pruning and clean things up a bit...maybe even take a few trees out?
Yes, we do this kind of work all of the time. We'd be happy to take a look at your project and come up with a plan that would meet your needs and expectations.
Do you prune fruit trees?
Yes, we can prune your fruit trees. Most of our clients with fruit trees have us come by annually to prune back their trees and get them ready for another growing season.
Can pruning save a tree with insect damage?
That all depends on how extensive the infestation is. Sometimes we can salvage a tree by pruning off the damaged parts and sometimes it is necessary to remove the tree.
Why are your prices so much cheaper than everyone else?
That's a great question. We are a small company with a fast, efficient and well trained crew...but don't let that fool you. Bottom Dollar Tree Service is every bit as qualified, experienced and professional as any tree service out there. We don't rely on big, fancy, expensive equipment to do a job that can be safely and effectively done using the tried and true methods of the professional tree worker. We keep our overhead low and pass those savings on to you, often saving you thousands of dollars over what competitors would charge you to do the exact same job. Why would you want to pay more to get the same result?
Are you insured ? can rest assured! Bottom Dollar Tree Service is a fully licensed and insured company. Furthermore, we have the skills, experience and professionalism to get your tree pruning work done safely and efficiently, saving you a sizable chunk of money in the process.
Services We Provide:
* Tree Removal - Don't wait until that dead or damaged tree falls, damaging your home or property. Get it removed safely now. We have the experience and the gear to remove those danger trees without harm to your property.

* Tree Pruning/Tree Trimming - Storms, insects and weather can all wreak havoc on your trees. We can help by carefully removing dead or damaged limbs, restoring health to your trees and keeping your family safe.

* Lot Clearing/Brush Clearing - Have a lot that needs to be cleared for a project or that just needs cleaned up? We can help. Our crew will make quick work of any job and leave your property looking great!
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